Green Energy Savings In British Columbia

Canada has long considered itself a global leader in green energy. Across territories, Canadians care about the environment and the impact they have on it, and so does the government.

In British Columbia, federal and private programs alike offer rebates, savings, and incentives to homeowners who are willing to make energy-conscious changes to their home.

Here are some of the premier opportunities for financial savings throughout the region.

Oil To Heat Pump Incentive

Funded by the Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources’ Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund, this incentive offers rebates of up to $1700 for homeowners who make the switch from an oil heating to an air source heat pump.

The air source heat pump can get you major savings on your home heating bill. A typical upgrade can save you 40 to 75% off your heating bills annually. With these green energy savings, the pump can pay for itself quickly from your additional savings.

Be careful to select the proper pump, as not all of them are eligible for incentives. Additionally, you’ll need to account for an increase in your electricity bill, as the pump will draw its power from there. However, the savings you get on your total energy bills will still be worthwhile.

Acceptance through the program qualifies your home for additional incentives from local governments, listed here on their website. These incentives range anywhere from $150 – 6000 in additional funds if you meet their own specific criteria.

The program also offers access to additional rebates for customers who make the switch to an air source heat pump through the program. These additional rebates are exclusive to customers only and are advertised as

BC Hydro

The BCHydro Powersmart page has a wide variety of valuable information for homeowners, businesses, vehicle owners, and local governments. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be focusing on homeowners, but the website deserves recognition for its thorough information.

The current rebates page shows you what incentives are being offered right now to help push homeowners toward switching to green energy. The page has a search tool to help you find appliances which could keep you eligible for future green energy savings (the current appliance rebate won’t return until the spring).

The meat of the savings comes in for the home renovation rebates. Here, you can see financing options for green energy investments in your house. New insulation can net you up to $1,200; draft proofing nets up to $500; ventilation fans, ductless heat pumps, and certain fireplaces all qualify for additional green energy savings. There’s even an incentive offered for following through on three or more of the previous options.

Special offers are often featured on the site, which in the past have included green energy savings for homeowners living in Vancouver, New Westminster, and Victoria city limits. The Winter Warm-Up offer is currently in place to give $250 to customers who use electric heat.

These green energy savings are available to homes within the BC Hydro and/or the FortisBC service territory.


The electric power and gas company has a solid selection of green energy savings and savings opportunities for customers across their coverage area.

Using their search function, you can narrow down exactly which incentives you may qualify for. Here are some of the categories that may have rebate deals:

  • Clothes dryer/washer
  • Draftproofing
  • Energy assessment
  • Fireplace
  • Free upgrades
  • Furnace
  • Heat pump
  • Heat recovery ventilator (1)
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • New home construction

The amount of green energy savings available to you depend on your area, but chances are if you’re a FortisBC customer, you’ll have options.
The incentives range from free benefits to near $2000 in savings available.

Vancouver Heritage Foundation Retrofit Grant

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation, based on protecting and conserving historical buildings around Vancouver, provides a way for homeowners in Vancouver with historic buildings to modernize their homes.

The grant alone is for a maximum of $3,000 to aid in retrofitting a historic building with energy saving measures. However, the grant is eligible to be combined with the Oil To Heat Pump Incentive to create a maximum of $6,000 per home, including other retrofits.

The money can be used to implement new energy saving measures that will improve comfort, reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and running costs. If a retrofit of this kind can be performed without damaging or removing significant character elements of the historic home, this grant will help.

The be eligible for the grant, the house in question must be built before 1940 or on the Vancouver Register, and have gas or oil heating.

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