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Green Energy Savings In British Columbia

Canada has long considered itself a global leader in green energy. Across territories, Canadians care about the environment and the impact they have on it, and so does the government. In British Columbia, federal and private programs alike offer rebates, savings, and incentives to homeowners who are willing to make energy-conscious changes to their home. […]

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Canada’s Top Trends In Green Building

As rising temperatures hit the globe for the 2nd-warmest year on record, the public began taking notice of climate change’s effects more than ever. With a larger public eye on the issue, it doesn’t seem like the green building industry is taking a breather anytime soon. As the industry moves forward, here are the top […]

Yellowblue Canada Announces Super Saturday

SURREY, BC (May 17, 17) – Yellowblue Canada, a direct sales organization and independent authorized dealer of Yellowblue Eco Tech, is aiming higher this summer. Dedicated to helping homeowners and small businesses save money and protect the environment, the team at Yellowblue Canada is hosting an expo themed “Aim Higher” on Saturday, June 24. “Our goal is […]

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Energy Costs & Canadian Households

Energy is the basis of our modern lives. It fuels our economy, generating the economic production that underpins the high living standards Canadian households have achieved (McKitrick and Aliakbari, 2014; Epstein, 2014). Energy consumption also allows us to be connected across Canada’s vast land mass and heat our homes during the cold Canadian winters. These […]