Yellowblue Canada provides homeowners innovative products and technologies to conserve energy, save money, and live more comfortably.

Our Products

Multi Layer Insulation

From your attic, to your hot water heater, our multi layer reflective insulation blocks up to 97% of heat transfer.

Solar Attic Fans

A healthy attic supports a healthy home. Our solar fans are perfect for removing heat and moisture for proper ventilation.


Synthetic refrigerant additives are easily installed and can increase your refrigeration system’s cooling capacity.

Invisaflects® Paint

Thermal reflective insulating paint is designed to reduce heat transfer where traditional insulation will not work.

LED Lighting

Simply switch to LED Lighting with Yellowblue Canada to brighten up your living space and reduce energy consumption.

Why us?

Professional Installation

All Yellowblue Canada products are installed by our team of friendly, professional installers.

Education Driven

Learn how our home comfort products work by attending one of our educational programs.

Flexible Pricing

We have a host of options and partners that make going green easy and a smart financial decision.

Proven & Tested

All of our products are made in North America and are backed by leading research and warranties.

Years of Experience

Our passion and commitment to the home energy savings sector comes from years of experience.

Great Support

We are here every step of the way, from the very first interaction, to installation, and beyond.

Our Mission

Yellowblue Canada is the go-to for home comfort solutions. Our goal is to help you maximize your home comfort and monthly savings. When you choose Yellowblue Canada, you choose to minimize your energy usage, helping your wallet and the environment.